The patients of Vision City of Lake Worth and their families depend on Dr. Trina Lieske and her team to provide them with the best quality of vision and eye care services since 2013. Dr. Lieske is a Texas native who earned her Doctorate of Optometry from the University of Houston College of Optometry. Our team is here to help with annual check-ups or any specific eye care you need.

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Eye and Vision Exams

We give patients thorough eye exams to properly assess any complications or issues with their eyes or vision. Regular eye exams can end headaches caused by vision defects and eye strain, detect potentially serious disorders before they fully develop, and even improve athletic performance with our sports vision care. This is the cornerstone of our relationship with you and your family. Annual eye exams are especially important for children to make sure vision problems do not form early on in their development. It also ensures they get the most out of school without vision complications holding them back. We will establish your family with a proper schedule of their annual exams.

Eyewear and Contact Lens Selection

We carry a full selection of eyeglass frames and even prescription sunglasses. Our team will help you find the style and shape of frame that best suits your features. If you do not want to wear eyeglasses, our team will also fit you for contact lenses. If it is your first time wearing contacts, our team will work with you to understand how to properly wear the lenses.  


Formally known as orthokeratology, Ortho-K is a way of reshaping your corneas while sleeping. The treatment involves wearing a special contact lens that can reduce refractive errors like nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism without the need of surgery or corrective lenses during the day.  

Computer Vision Syndrome Treatment

People are depending on computers for work or school now more than ever. With this recent influx of more frequent computer users, we see more issues caused by it. Long hours staring at screens can create eye strain, blurred vision, and headaches. Our team can work with you to provide effective solutions to combating these issues. This ranges from special glasses you can wear while you work to everyday changes like distancing yourself from the screen, adjusting the lighting, and taking breaks to rest your eyes.

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Here at Vision City of Lake Worth, our team is dedicated to providing you and your family the eye care services they need. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Lieske, call us at (817) 546-9000. You can also fill out and submit our brief online appointment request form. Our office is conveniently located at 5412 Boat Club Rd #150. Find out how we can help you and your family have the best eye care in the Lake Worth area.       

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