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Eye Disease Management at Vision City of Lake Worth

Some eye conditions require more than a change of eye prescription. Certain eye diseases can occur that require ongoing management to prevent vision loss. During your vision exam, your optometrist will carefully monitor your eyes to ensure you receive the treatment you need to preserve your vision. At Vision City of Lake Worth, we help our patients manage eye diseases successfully to protect their vision. Here are some of the many eye diseases we help manage.


Cataracts are a clouding of the eye lens that occurs with aging and exposure to ultraviolet light. It is a progressive condition that can gradually impairs vision, color perception, and the ability to drive or do close-up tasks. Cataracts generally worsen until surgery is required to restore clear vision. Your optometrist will monitor the development of cataracts to alert you to noticeable changes in vision.

Macular Degeneration

Macular degeneration is an eye disorder that occurs with aging. Often called “age-related macular degeneration,” or “AMD,” this condition causes gradual loss of vision in the central field of sight. There are two forms of the disease, the “dry” form and the “wet” form, which is more serious because it involves leakage of blood and fluid that can damage the optic nerve. Your eye doctor can provide testing and examinations to monitor AMD symptoms and ensure you get the treatment you need.


Glaucoma causes gradual loss of vision in the peripheral field. Vision loss occurs when pressure within the eye causes damage to the optic nerve. Glaucoma often runs in families. The condition comes in a number of forms, and treatment varies according to the severity of the disease. During your regular exams, our eye doctor will examine the condition of eye structures to ensure that you receive appropriate preventative care as the condition progresses.

Diabetic Retinopathy

Individuals who have been diagnosed with diabetes are advised to take special precautions with their vision because the disease can cause damage to the delicate blood vessels in the eyes. More frequent visits to the eye doctor are generally recommended. During these visits, our optometrist will carefully examine your eyes to determine if any damage is occurring and can refer you to an eye specialist for further treatment.

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Dr. Lieske uses her extensive training in optometry to help patients in Lake Worth, TX and nearby communities maintain quality vision and eye health. We offer many vision services, including eye exams, eyeglass fitting, contact lens fitting, Ortho-K for myopia treatment, and eye infection treatment. Contact Vision City of Lake Worth today at (817) 546-9000 for an appointment to have your eyes checked and to learn about today’s management of common eye diseases.

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